"Having a baby is as simple as f***ing. Creating a blog as well. Maintaining it, taking care of it, and enjoying it is something else altogether"

Special thanks to Lisa-Marie Rahlmann for translating the interview.


PerspectivaConica.com is a creative blog and a very personal one in that the important thing is to see something different where no one else would suspect it. You will find alternative content in the form of articles, short stories, videos and moments of visual pleasure. If you are not mainstream, you will stay here, like the thousands of followers on facebook / twitter / G+. Let’s talk with its author…

What do you dedicate yourself to professionally?
Let’s say that I help to solve needs of communication. In the last years that has come down to maintaining websites, creating blogs, working overtime and living off a low salary, but it hasn’t always been that way.

When did you start the Perspectiva Conica blog?
It has been something like over a year now. I spent a long period of time focused on working for a brand that I had been hired for and I believe that I had come to a point where I would do myself a favor and speak for myself. Shortly after, the company went bankrupt and this blog gave me work.

You have thousands of followers on Facebook and on Twitter…not bad for a personal and anonymous blog. What is the key?
It is moving to see that new people come [to the blog]; people you sense think the same as you and that you have something to share with, but if I have to be honest with you, the numbers are not that important to me. It is much more enriching to see how your life is being filled with wonderful experiences and stories thanks to your website and how that brings you closer to amazing people who you had already ceased to believe even existed in the real world. 

Do you have any strategy for the social networks or for the contents of your blog?
My plan is not to have a plan. I believe in my intuition, and, above all, I like that this blog is a place where, after spending many hours working for others, I am free to talk about whatever I had been wanting to talk about all along, which I find relaxing. Initially, I was giving myself projects that were way too ambitious and that, for lack of time, I stopped enjoying, obliging myself to write “why not”. In reality, I do what I like, something not everyone allows themselves to do, and I leave the “strategies” for work. But yes, I keep many ideas to myself for the road ahead. 

"I don’t think that you should look for the perfect formula. Just be humble, know the product and act in accordance"

Do you think that the majority of companies expect too much of the social networks?
I believe that there are many people confusing concepts, and without the necessary intuition to confront what the client thinks (the client is essentially those social networks), which is what generates much ego and at the same time, creates agencies that abuse this lack of awareness to charge huge sums for what is essentially bad management of social networks.

Social networks are channels of opportunity if you have a company or whatever type of project it might be. I don’t think that you should look for the perfect formula. Just be humble, know the product and act in accordance.

Do you encounter parallels between creating a blog that is successful and launching a company?
The success of a company is very subjective. For me it’s doing what you like, or at least having fun at work. For other people, it is to have a baby before they turn 33 so that they can dress him in Armani baby shoes, and to buy themselves a pink Bugatti purse in which they keep her business cards with five zeros on them. Having a baby is as simple as f***ing. Creating a blog as well. Maintaining it, taking care of it, and enjoying it is something else altogether.

What gives you the input for your blog?
It keeps my interest in the world alive when it starts to wane, and most of all, it motivates me to pushes me to develop professionally and personally.

Did you have any stories, however less curious it may be, related to the blog?
When it had been not quite a month that the blog was live, they called me from my actual work, and since then, it has been nothing but surprises. From the guy who messages you because he would like to get with you (even though he has never seen your face) to the guy who wants to know who you are and then stops pursuing it, making you feel creeped out every time you leave your house [I have seen everything].

What surprised me the most was the letter from Google Adsense that catalogued me as a “pornography site” just before canceling my account. That paragraph is on the verge of gaining its own blog post: “your website includes content for adults that does not feel comfortable to be watched at work or with other members of the family”. In the end, company politics.

 What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Well, I was suffering from a great lack of orientation in terms of work, and I was simply dreaming of writing and leaving Spain, but I never gave it a name. In the end, I pursued both. Maybe if the internet had existed somehow back then, then... 

Why do you stay anonymous? 
There are people who keep it because they are terrified of being drowned or suffocated; I keep it to make myself more popular. At the very beginning stages of my “life as a blogger”, I signed with my name, but I am an expert in getting all the attention and I preferred to give priority to what I have to say rather than to who I am or who I stopped being; although I don’t disguise it, either, when the opportunity arises. I don’t do this for my ego nor do I feel the need to show my boobs in video tutorials for make-up for weddings, even though I would be better off…it all depends on your point of view. 

"I don’t do this for my ego nor do I feel the need to show my boobs in video tutorials for make-up for weddings, even though I would be better off…it all depends on your point of view"

Some 250 people come to your blog every month through Googling how to spell “escalivada”…
I see that you have read the anecdote on Facebook. Well yes, there are a lot of other peculiar searches, and, to the extent that my own curiosity increases the content, the thing degenerates at times. The message is the following: if you talk about something that no one else talks about (or if things are happening to you that do not happen to anyone and you feel like talking about it), probably they will come across you. I wish it would have been that easy to embrace within the corporate environment.

What is the most read post on @pConica to date?
I don’t know if it’s the most read one, but 1,500 visits in one single day get to your head. It was a recent reflexion aloft about the failed adoption of Esther Canadas. That’s what you get when you retweet a starlet from Telecinco. 

" if you talk about something that no one else talks about, probably they will come across you"

Recommend a song…without a doubt, it would not be the one from the last Christmas commercial  [I saw].

A fancy…writing.

A website…infojobs.

A place…Helsinki in the snow.

In another life you would have been…definitely a mistress (with an intelligent blog).

I believe in …my grandparents as a role model of kindness and as the people who taught me to appreciate people. I believe in my Dad as an example of positivity and a strong spirit against adversity.

A piece of advice that they have given you? Breathe.

A failure…just one?

What you’ve learned…that I would like to leave Spain, that I am very demanding, and that I see things that no one else is capable of detecting. With that, I have learned that you have to tell all of it in a blog.

A phrase or a citation…recently, I have been citing Emilio Duró a lot and his “There is nothing more dangerous than a motivated fool”, but it could be worse, I could cry…